Ages 4 - 11yrs
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Fun Activities
We collect children from schools, bring them to the club, supervise their homework and provide them with snacks. We also offer a wide variety of activities which include dance, music lessons, board games, indoor/outdoor play, sports, arts and crafts, videos and many other exciting activities.
At Buzykidz we aim to create a friendly atmosphere where the needs and happiness of your child comes first. We operate an ‘open door’ policy where we encourage parents to partake in the club to discuss their ideas and suggestions, as well as to air their concerns.

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Meeting the individual needs of children, young people and adults in our club.

Encouraging parents/carers and young people to use our provision.

Recognising childrens’ rights

Raising quality and standards within the setting.

Building strong and positive partnerships.
Ofsted Registration Number EY393119
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 We are open between the hours of 9:00am - 6:00pm.

Hartspring Lane Community Centre,
336 Park Avenue,
Bushey, Hertfordshire,
WD23 2BJ

Phone No:07853401472 / 07903565246
 "Bonnie loves Buzykidz and we are so happy as parents knowing how supportive and caring you all are. Thank you"
From James and Hannah
Hartspring Lane Community Centre, 336 Park Avenue,Bushey, Hertfordshire